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Cristie, Scott, Raisen, Laney

Scott Lindberg :: Cristie Thomas
Aptos, CA
Phone: 831.728.
contact: postmaster@LMNOarts.com

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Most Recent Projects are marked  *NEW*
Website updated: September 13, 2016


Braiding  *NEW*


paracord horse tack-mecates
paracord horse tack-quirts *NEW*




Entry Pavillion
Arbors-Curving and Straight
Big-Leafy Arbor
Boxed and Bridged Arbors
Curved Arbor Tops
Entry for a Home in the Woods
Geometrics Arbor
Geometrics Arbor with Fencing
Geometrics Arbor with Gate
Oak Tree Gate and Arbor
Rose Arbor
San Francisco Garden Show-2002
Stone and Glass Arbor
Vining Arbor
Victorian Entry Arbor
Zoo Project 


Awning with Swoop Brackets
Awning for a Small Porch
Awning for a Ranch's Tack Room*NEW*
Curvy Awning
Four Flying Awnings: Bronze
Geometrics Awning
Twisted Grasses Awning Frame and Railing-Bronze


Benches for the Art History Museum
Craftsman Style Bench
Curved Bench on Concrete Pedestals
Curved Bench on Steel Frame
S-Curved Benches on Steel Frames

Bird Baths
Bird Feeders
Bird Houses

Caged Thirteenth Bird Feeder
Classically Styled Sundial
Little One Bird Bath
Making Noises Bird Bath
Multiplicity of Meanings Bird Bath
No-Bird Bird Houses
Swoop Bird Feeder
Thanks Dr. Seuss Bird Feeder
Triad Bird Feeder
Trio Bird Feeder
Yes-Bird Bird Houses
Yes-Bird Bird Houses for Sculpture Is .. .. .. 2014
Yes-Bird Houses for Open Studio 2015

Bridges Strider Bridge
Twisted Garden Bridge
Fences and Railings

Cable Rail Posts and Hand Rails
City Hall Railing Renovation
Clouds:Bronze Craftsman Fence Details
Craftsman Style Entry Hand Rail
Craftsman Style Fleur de Lis Fencing and Gate
Craftsman Style Hand Rail with Leaf Corner Posts
Craftsman Style Interior Railings
Curved Railing for a Farm House
Curvy Railings
Deck Rail in the Craftsman Style
Entry Railing in the Craftsman Style
Fences for a Home in the Woods
Grasses Railing
Gridded Fences
Hand Rails with Leaf Posts
Hilltop Railings 
Industrial Look
Isabella Railings 
Gridded Fencing with Rounded Corner
Leaf Themed Hand Rails-bronze
Leaf Themed Railings-bronze
Pool Railing with Leaf Motif
Railing for Five Sculptures
Palm Frond Rail-SF Flower and Garden Show-2002
Sea Rail
Sectional Spa Surround
Stainless Steel Twisted Grasses
Tres Moderne Fences and Gates
Twigs Railing and Grab Rail-Staircase
Twisted Grasses Deer Fence and Gate
Twisted Grasses HandRail and GrabRail in Bronze *NEW*
Twisted Grasses Patio Surround
Wavy Railing and Door Guard
Woven Wire Railing
Zoo Project 

Fire Pits

Cone Fire Pit
Copper Fire Pit Surround
Fire Twigs for the Casa Munras Renovation
Fire Twigs for a Square Fire Pit   
Fire Pit for the Casa Munras Spa
Flames for the Monterey Plaza
Gridded Fire Pit on Casters
In-ground Fire Pits with Boulder Seats
Ribbon Fire Pit Sculpture
*NEW *
Tubular Fire Pit on Casters

Fountain Elements

Copper Bowl and Vines Fountain Element
Double Steppes Fountain
Flying Bird Fountain  
T-Jack Fountain in a Copper Basin
Twisted Grasses Fountain Element
Water Table Fountain Element
Water Feature from an Urn
Yardstick Fountain
Yardstick Dragon Fountain Element







Arced Garden Bench *NEW*
Base for an Antique Tibetan Chest
Bedroom Suite: Bed, Nightstands, Chest, Bench
Cake Stands
Coat Rack Tree
Gridded Table
Lizard Table
Serving Trolly for the Garden
Twigs Display Table
Twisted Grasses Table and Curved Bench
Twisted Sofa



Acorn and Oak Leaf Ranch Gate *NEW*
Bamboo Drive Gate
Craftsman Style Driveway Gates
Craftsman Style Drive Gate with Cattails
Craftsman Style Drive Gate with Waves
Drive Gate for a Home in the Woods
Driveway Gate in the Style of Richard Neutra
Leaf Gate for the Pickleberry Farm *NEW*
Isabella (Middle Earth) Drive Gate 
Sails-Stylized Drive Gate (bronze)
Oak Tree Entry
Spanish Ranch Drive Gate *NEW*
Stainless Steel Twisted Grasses
Twisted Grasses with Quail Drive Gates
Underwater Drive and Walk Gates




Ancient Doors Renovated 
Bamboo Walk Gate
Carriage Wheel Walk Gates and Arbors
Entry Gate for the Casa Munras Renovation
Cherry Blossom
Country Walk Gates
Craftsman Style Fleur de Lis Gate and Fencing
Craftsman Style Gate and Arbor-2003 Sunset Idea House
Craftsman Style Gates-Detail based on FLW
Entry Gate and Panels for a Mediteranean Home
Family Icon Gate

Garden Gate
Garden Gate to Fool the Eye

Gate to Open Up the Steps
Gates and Fences for a Home in the Woods
Geometrics Gate
Grasses Gate
Grasses Gate with Translucent Panel

Gridded Entry Gates with Arbor
Gridded Gates-Double Folding
Gridded Garden Gate 
Halcyon Gate
Kelp Gate
Koi Gate
Magnolia Gate 
Mission Style Gate and Arbor-SFGarden-04
New Old World Gates
Oak Tree Gate and Arbor
Oak Tree Outline Gate 
Onion Gates
Palm Frond Gate
Picket Gate in the Moon Gate Style
Poppy Gate
Solid Gate with Redwood Trim
Solid Graphic Gates
Sunflower Garden Gate
Sunset-Gateways article
Tree of Middle Earth Gate 
Tres Moderne Gates and Fences
Twisted Grasses Gates-Stainless Steel
Twisted Grasses Gate-Topless
Twisted Grasses Gate at the Beach-Topless
Twisted Grasses Gate on a Bridge
Twisted Grasses Courtyard Gates
Twisted Grasses Gates in Rock Walls
Twisted Grasses and Gridded Gate, Arbor, and Fence
Twisted Grasses Walk Gate with Shaped Top
Gates and Return with Diagonal Grid and Shaped Top
Wave Gate
Zoo Project 

House Numbers Cartoon House Numbers
Numbers and Letters
Triangle House Numbers
Mail Boxes

Swoop Mailbox
Wiggle Mailbox
Mailbox Post in the Craftsman Style



Additions to Existing Railings
Architectural Details-bronze
Architectural Details-Bronze Leaf Bolt Covers
Architectural Details-Bronze Gate Latch
Heater Surrounds in the Noveau Style
Blackberry Farm
Bocce Scoreboard *NEW Piece*
Cake Stands
Casa Munras Motel Renovation
Cayuga Vault Decorative Security Screens 
Coat Rack Tree
Christmas Tree Stand
Copper Bowls
Counter Brackets for an Outdoor Kitchen-bronze
Cupola for a Weathervane
Foot Ring for a Bar
Good TImes Weekly article 9/24/09

Hearts for the Arts 2013
Heater (gas) Surround
Lentel for a Bungalow
Middle Earth Summer House 
Moderne Bell Stand
OakLeaf Gate Latch and Handle
Orchid Ladder
Planter Box
Raspberry Stakes
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show -2002
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show-2004
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show-2014 

Sign Bracket for the Cayuga Vault
Skate Board Deterrant
Square Brackets
Sunset 2002 Palo Alto Idea House
Sunset 2003 Los Gatos Idea House
Sunset 2005 Menlo Park Idea House
Sunset 2008 San Francisco Idea House Water Tower

Three Posts for Outdoor Light Fixtures
Twigs Bell Stand *NEW*
Twigs Chimmey Cap

Wood Box *NEW*
Zoo Project 

Ranch Designs

Acorn and Oak Leaf Ranch Gate *NEW*
Arrows Drive Gate
Awning for a Horse Tack Room *NEW*
Branding Irons
Carriage Wheel Gates
Farrier's Anvil Stand
Hay Barn Doors
Horsehoe Corner Brackets
Horse Shoe Tie Rails
Leaf Gate for Pickleberry Farm

Paddock Gate
Sky Ranch Sign
Stall Door
Tack Barn Door
Tack Room Furnishings



Bronze Sea Grass Screen
Screens for the Casa Munras Motel Renovation, Cantina Patio
Door and Window Ornaments-SF Flower and Garden Show 2000
Flying Screens
Geometrics Entry Screen
Geometrics Garden Divider
New Old World Windows

Sectional Spa Surround
Twisted Grasses Patio Surround
Twisted Grasses Screen and Rail-Bronze
Woven Patio Privacy Screens



Arms Up in Celebration Chairs *NEW*
Birchwood Series For Sculpture Is .. .. .. 2010

Blue Door into the Woods
Butterflies for CHOMP
Cart Man with Cart
Casa Munras Twisted Grasses
City of Santa Cruz Solar Project Sculptures
Copper Bowls
Dragon Fly with May Flies
Eight Totems-Sculpture Within: Gardens and Community/PVAC
More Totems-Sculpture Is .. .. .. 2009/PVAC
Four Flying Awnings
House Necklace in Bronze
No-Bird Bird Houses

Richard Nutra Style Wall Sculpture
Seven Tibetan Prayer Wheels *NEW*
Sneaky Snakes-San Francisco Garden Show 2001
Spool Sculpture
The Slice
Through the Windows: Sculpture Is .. .. .. 2011/PVAC
Umbrella Tree
Umbrella Tree for Kiwi Vines *NEW*
Wall Colors *NEW
Wall Sculptures for a Beach House
Yes-BirdBird House


Antique Neptune Motor Stand
Celebration Chairs *NEW*
Fragment Bowl
Glass Chimes *NEW*
Passages Series:Cast Bronze and Mixed Media Sculpture

Swoop Boat


Shade Structures

Arched Pavilion
Columned Shade Structure
Double Posts, Double Trusses
Floater Brackets: Post to Header Connectors
Leaf Arbor
MIssion Style Shade Structure
Rose Arbor
Sunset 2002 Palo Alto Idea House
Three-Legged Shade 
Two Graceful Trusses
Umbrella Tree
Umbrella Tree for Kiwi Vines



Barrel Trellis
Citrus Allee
Dragon Trellis
Gridded Entry Trellis
Gridded Garden Trellis
Harlequin Trellis
Rose Arbor
Roof Trellis for Wisteria
Scrolled Trellis
Umbrella Tree
Umbrella Tree for a Kiwi Vine

Vining Arbor

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