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Cristie, Scott, Raisen, Laney

Scott Lindberg :: Cristie Thomas
Aptos, CA
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Braid Possibilities

All braiding is done to order and there are lots of options, each priced individually. A 22' mecate with your horse's tail tassel is $205. Sales tax and shipping are extra.

Braid's are from 12 strands of paracord over a 1/4" nylon core. Other sizes available.

Braid's can be any length you'd like. Mecate's are generally 22', lead ropes usually 12'.

There are many other possibilities, with lots of interesting knots, including quirts, romels and reins.

Choose your own colors, and tassel's are made from your horse's tail hair.
Here are some some color combination examples. Please note that these colors may not be exact due to variations in my camera and your computor monitor.

Skeezer's mecate: olive, khaki, purple, silver, black   Ida's mecate: olive, khaki, grey, black, purple
Toby's mecate: black, red, turquoise   Carmelina's Mecate: turquoise, olive, black, khaki, grey
Brew's mecate: khaki, bronze, gold, brown   Mecate: hunter, brown, black
Toby's lead rope: black, slate   Pregnant Mare Rescue lead rope: black, khaki
Fuji's loop rein: hunter, purple, burgundy   Beamer's loop rein: black, navy, turquoise, silver
Ranch Roundup Mecate: black, brown, grey   Ranch Roundup lead rope: black, brown, white
Luna's loop rein with snaps: black, brown, turquoise   Ida's lead rope: black, khaki, olive
Honey Lou's mecate: black, brown, white, pink   Mecate: black, brown
Roo's Mecate: black, brown, purple    


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