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Cristie, Scott, Raisen, Laney

Scott Lindberg :: Cristie Thomas
Aptos, CA
Phone: 831.728.
contact: postmaster@LMNOarts.com

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Who we are:

  • We're artists, designers, and fabricators.
  • We work primarily in steel, bronze, copper, wood, concrete, and glass, but we're adventuresome.
  • We work with homeowners, as well as design professionals.
  • We can work from your designs, our existing designs, or we will design for you. We charge an hourly rate for design work.
  • We primarily do custom work, but sometimes have pieces available for immediate purchase.
  • Turnaround time varies with our work load and the complicity of the project, from a few weeks to a few months.

Who we aren't:

  • We don't have a retail outlet and aren't open to the public. We have pieces and samples sited on our grounds and are available to prospective clients by appointment.
  • We don't sell wholesale nor do we consign.
  • We don't work with manufactured parts.
  • Although we do limited forging, we aren't blacksmiths.
  • Except in the most extraordinary circumstances, we don't do repairs to pieces built by others.
  • We can't give 'ball park estimates'. Custom pieces are priced when all information regarding the project is available.
  • We have no 'more info'. We've tried to anticipate questions on this site, but if you need specific information, please feel free to contact us.

Cristie, Laney, and Scott


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